4/29: ACLS: classroom gives the opportunity to ask questions and to clarify what you don't understand. Chestina was very patient with explaining cardiac rhythms to me. She was able to show ways to understand better: especially since this is my 3rd re certification. 

10/11: BLS: classroom is more comfortable with fewer people. Chestina made me fell comfortable with asking questions. 

12/29: BLS: classroom is more hands on. Loved the instructor, Chestina, she was very engaging

12/29: BLS: classroom is more hands on with skills. Chestina made me feel more confident.

12/29: BLS: classroom is best for me being kenestetic. It was fast, not long and drawn out

1/07: BLS: My teacher was great..Chestina

01/19: BLS: I prefer classroom hands on training. Good tips on thinking outside the box relating to PPE.. Chestina

01/26: BLS: Course was excellent... Chestina

04/12: BLS: I had previously done one online in the classroom, they were both very informative and helpful. Learned how to safely do CPR... Chanin & Chestina

04/12: BLS: I've taken it before but this one was more comfortable and well taught. Course was great.. Chanin & Chestina

01/31: BLS: Good feedback, welcomed any question I had, very interactive.. Dynez

03/28: BLS: previous online and through American Red Cross.. I think the American Heart training was more beneficial.. Great experience.. Chestina

01/28: BLS: Great time, great location.. Dynez & Chestina

03/28: BLS: classroom setting because its more hands on. The material was straight forward, but some questions were confusing. The instructors helped me understand. Chestina

02/01: BLS: First time learning CPR. The practice really helped to understand better.. Chestina

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