Response Ready AED Maintenance Plans

Who We Are

AED Service America is a division of PF Wellness Consultants. Founded in 1981, PF Wellness Consultants has focused on servicing the health, fitness and wellness needs of clients such as; Aetna, Hartford Insurance, Yankee Candle, Xerox, NBC, Harvard Business School, New England Patriots and hundreds more.

AED Service America proudly carries on the tradition of providing best-in-class products and services to meet the needs of AED owners throughout all fifty-states. You can be assured, with AED Service America your AED deployment will always be, “RESPONSE READY!”.

Peace of Mind

Ensuring your AEDs are inspected and certified on an annual basis will mitigate risk, as well as give you peace of mind knowing; your AED equipment is present, operating and “Response-Ready” TM.


Mitigate Risk

AEDs are life-saving devices. To mitigate risk and liability exposure, it is prudent an organization have them maintained by professionals that manage and maintain only AEDs.

Compliant Solutions

Many AED owners are not aware that they must perform the manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures to be protected under their indemnification policy. Our Response Ready offerings comply with manufacturer’s specs, as well as with state and federal AED guidelines.

Certified Experts

Fire extinguishers, computers, copy machines, fleet vehicles as well as most everything an organization owns, is managed by agencies that specialize in maintaining those products. If there is one piece of equipment that must be maintained optimally, it is your lifesaving AED.

Doug Comstock

Senior Certified AED Specialist

"We Save Lives"

Creating HeartSafe Environments since 2006

AED Sales, Maintenance, Training and Management.

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