Training Space & Equipment Rental

Instructors, you can now reserve a training room for your classes at the Freedom Instructing Training site. We can also provide the equipment you need with the room including manikins, AED Trainers and Heartsaver First Aid supplies. Call or email us to availability and to schedule.

Training Room Rental

1/2 day ( 4 hours) $85

Full Day ( 8 hours) $150

Equipment Rental:

Individual Manikins: ( 1 – 3 ) $5.00 each


Sani Man ( 4 adult / child ) Pack $ 20.00 per day

Sani Baby ( 4 infant ) Pack $ 20.00 per day


Instructor Pack ( 4 adult/child and 4 infant ) $40.00

Manikin Lungs – Mask Adult or Infant .25 cents each

AED Trainer $ 15.00 per day

Contact the Training Cite for all equipment rental request. Request should be made ten (10) day in advance. Equipment rental is bases on availability and is for a 24 hour period. Equipment can be picked up and returned between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday – Friday. 

An Equipment Rental Agreement Form will be completed when you pick up your equipment. Any equipment not returned on time will be considered late and a full day rental will be added.


Attributes of a good instructor: encourages others to also be positive.

Positive – Thinks positively and enthusiastically about people and what they are capable of becoming. Sees the good in any situation and can move forward to make the most of difficult situations when confronted with obstacles. 

Communicative – Shares with others in a manner that encourages effective two-way communication. Communicates personal thoughts and feelings on a wide spectrum of issues and can listen to students in an empathetic manner, assuring each that conversations will be held in confidence.

Dependable – Honest and authentic in working with others. Consistently lives up to commitments to students and others. Works with them in an open, honest, and forthright manner.

Personable – Establishes and maintains positive mutual working relationships. Likes to be with others. Has many ways of getting to know students as persons while building trust and appreciation through personal interaction and involvement.

Organized – Makes efficient use of time and moves in a planned and systematic direction. Knows where he or she is heading and is able to help students in their own organization and planning. Can think in terms of how organization can be beneficial to those served.

Committed – Demonstrates commitment to students and the profession and is self-confident, poised and personally in control of situations. Has a healthy self-image. Encourages students to look at themselves in a positive manner, careful to honor the self-respect of the students, while encouraging them to develop a positive self-concept.

Motivational – Enthusiastic with standards and expectations for students and self. Understands the intrinsic motivations of individuals, and knows what it is that motivates students. Takes action in constructive ways.

Compassionate – Caring, empathetic and able to respond to people at a feeling level. Open with personal thoughts and feelings, encouraging others to do likewise. Knows and understands the feelings of students.

Flexible – Willing to alter plans and directions in a manner which assists people in moving toward their goals. Seeks to reason out situations with students and staff in a manner that allows all people to move forward in a positive direction.

Individually Perceptive – Sees each student as a unique and valuable individual. Looks for the differences among students. Quickly diagnoses student difficulties and assists in the management of individual situations.

Value Based – Focuses upon the worth and dignity of human beings. Is sensitive to community values. Strives to work in an environment consistent with his or her belief system. Recognizes the importance and power of modeling constructive behavior.

Integrity – No short-cuts here! Requires and assures quality and standards. Respects students and equally respects content and program delivery. Lets do things the right way the first time!

Knowledgeable – Is in a constant quest for knowledge. Keeps up in his or her specialty areas, and has the insight to integrate new knowledge. Takes knowledge and translates it to students in a way which is comprehensible to them, yet retains its originality.

Creative – Versatile, innovative, and open to new ideas. Strives to incorporate techniques and activities that enable students to have unique and meaningful new growth experiences.

Patient – Is deliberate in coming to conclusions. Strives to look at all aspects of the situation and remains highly fair and objective under most difficult circumstances. Believes that problems can be resolved if enough input and attention is given by people who are affected.

Sense of Humor – Knows how to take the tension out of tight situations. Uses humor, spontaneously, in a tasteful manner. Builds togetherness in the classroom, through the use of humor.

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