We reserve the right for a 30 day turn around at AHA standards but we strive for immediate same day cards. Sometimes their are delays in the process due to inventory discrepancy or maintenance on the American Heart Association site. 

Issuing Course Completion Cards and Security

• AHA course completion cards may be ordered from authorized AHA

distributors by using the security code. The cards contain security

features and have the AHA logo. For more information, please refer to

the Course Card Reference Guide located on the IN.

• For administrative reasons, the TCC may allow a TS to issue course

completion cards. However, the TCC has final responsibility to the

AHA for all course completion cards, including those issued to a TS.

Before distributing course completion cards to a TS or instructor, the

name of the ITC should always be printed on the course completion

card. ITCs may not release blank cards that do not contain the ITC

name to a TS or to instructors.

• ITCs should notify ECC Global Training immediately if the security of

the course completion cards is suspected as breached.

• Each student who successfully completes an AHA ECC course must

be issued the appropriate course completion card unless prohibited by

local or state statutes or regulations.

• The ITC of the instructor who conducts the provider course is

responsible for card issuance and security by its instructors and TSs. If

AHA Program Administration Manual: Fifth Edition, International Version 22

an instructor is invited to teach at a second ITC or with an instructor

from another ITC, the course completion cards are issued by the

sponsoring ITC.

• Each ITC should be able to document how it maintains card security

and accountability. Only the TCC and the person(s) he or she

designates may have access to AHA course completion cards.

• All course completion cards should be in students’ hands as quickly as

possible. ITCs must issue course completion cards within 30 business

days of the course completion.

• ITCs should never allow a course roster to be given to a student in the

place of a course completion card. Course rosters contain students’

personal data and should be protected.

• The Instructor’s ID number (assigned by the IN) must be included on

all course completion cards issued by the instructor.

• ITCs cannot sell or give course completion cards to other ITCs or nonAHA


• ITCs can only issue course completion cards to students who have

successfully completed an AHA course through that ITC.

• If a student receives remediation, the course completion card will have

the remediation date for the issue date.

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